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Ultimate Cider Equipment Kit

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Ultimate Cider Kit

This kit includes everything needed to start making cider using the Cider House Select Cider Kits including bottling equipment and 6 gallon glass carboy for clearer cider.

It does not include bottles.

  • 7.9 Gallon primary fermenter w Grometed lid
  • 6 Gallon  Glass Carboy
  • Air Lock & Universal Stopper
  • Specific Gravity Test Kit (Hydrometer,  Test Jar, Liquid Crystal Thermometer)
  • Long Handled Spoon
  • 2 oz PBW Cleanser
  • 4 oz Star Star Sanitizer

For Bottling

  • Auto Siphon / Hose /Bottle Filler
  • Red Baron Capper
  • 70 Cider caps
  • Brewers Best Carbonation Drops
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