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About Purple Foot USA

The Purple has Moved! 

5225 W. Forest Home Ave. Greenfield WI 53219

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Store Hours:
Regular: Monday -Friday 9:30-6:00   Saturday 9:30-4:00   Closed on Sunday
Holiday Hours: after Thanksgiving until Christmas
Open until 8:00 on Wednesdays
Open on Sundays 12:30-4:00  
Open Christmas Eve & New Years Eve 9:30-3:00
Closed Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day & New Years Day


We close at 3:00 on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve

Closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas day and New Years Day.          

Closed on all major holidays (Christmas Day, New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Day)

Established in 1969
Serving our customers from the same location for over 42years!

The Purple Foot is Milwaukee’s premier home fermentation store.
The Purple Foot was started in 1969 by Ken and Clara Geist. In December of 1969 the store on 92nd street was opened and was our home until we relocated to The Weiler Farmhouse in April of 2017. In 1972 Mary & Jerry Uthemann started working for Ken and Clara and in 1983 they took over the operation and purchased all rights to the store. They have been the driving force ever since. Over the years Mary and Jerry’s three children have worked in the store from time to time. In 2006 their daughter Karen came back to work, after several years pursuing other interests. Karen took over the store operations officially in 2010.

Meet our expert staff:
Over 40 Years of Home Fermentation Experience!
(75 years if you add us all up!)

Mary & Jerry Uthemann
Jerry and Mary both immigrated from Germany where beer was made in many
homes and every pub! Their love of home fermentation is obvious. Mary and Jerry have earned many awards for their home made wines and beers in some of the most prestigious competitions and are highly respected in the wine and beer industries.

Karen Lau
Karen is Mary and Jerry’s oldest daughter and has worked at the store on and off during her life, she started making wine in the early 1980’s but stopped for several years while raising children and pursuing other career interests. In 2006 Karen came back to the store with plans to take the family business on to the next generation. Karen is an excellent winemaker and beer brewer, She has also won many awards for her wines in some of the most prestigious competitions in the world, and is creative in her home fermentation endeavors . Mom and Dad have taught her well!

Jim Sowinski
Jim joined our staff in April of 2010. He is our most experienced home brewer. Jim has been home brewing for more than 13 years and dabbles in wine.  

Welcome to the newest member of our staff.

David Weber joined us in April 2017 to take over Jim's hours on Monday and Tuesday. He also works at Water 2 Wine in Brookfield, so he has excellent wine making experience. He also is very excited to learn about beer brewing. He is a quick learner so I am confident he will have that down in no time at all.


Jim Remus has been with us since 2006, he retired in May 2017 but still helps out on occasion. He is a Master Gardner who enjoys making “Country wines” from the variety of fruits he grows in his yard. Jim also makes his own beer and has more than 20 years of fermentation experience. 

Troy Sontag is back to being an electrician full time, however he still helps out on occasion. He has been making wine and beer for many years.


He was very interested in making beer as well and was excited to learn he would be doing just that.

Jill Lau
Jill is Karen's daughter-in-law. She helps out during our busier times and during the summer. She has been making wine for several years and is also making beer. She is preparing to be the 3rd generation of home fermentor in our family!

Mary's Legacy:
Mary passed away in February of 2010 but Jerry will still be around, just not all of the time! For those of you who might be wondering, Mom knew there would come a time when she wouldn't be here and prepared for that day. She taught me well, over the years she trained me to operate the store. Now more than ever I'm ready for where we can go, with the support of my family and friends! The Purple Foot will continue to supply the wine and beer making community!

The next generation is already in training, Karen’s sons enjoy home brewing
and her daughter in laws make their own wine!

As we move into the future we have many plans which include combining the best of new available technology with the old world charm of the original store front. For those who prefer to use their computers we now have our website with easy access to information, pricing and specials.

We all share a passion for home fermentation and love sharing that passion with others.

Happy Fermentations!


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