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CHS Mixed Berry Cider Making Kit

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CHS Mixed Berry Cider Making Kit

Packed full of the freshest fruit flavors and exploding with tones of ripe juicy raspberries, finishing with undertones of blackcurrant and hints of blueberries. Cheers!



NOTE: Please do not open the bag until you are ready to ferment.

Instructions, yeast and ingredient packets are inside the bag liner.


All Cider House Select Kits include:

  • Cider Juice
  • Yeast
  • Sweetener-you decide how sweet you want it!
  • Flavoring packet


You will also need:

  • 2 lbs of corn sugar (not included in kit)
  • Water



  • 7.9 Gallon Bucket & Lid
  • Air Lock
  • Optional (for clearer cider): 6 Gallon Glass carboy
  • Long Handled Spoon for mixing
  • Cleaner and Santizer
  • Hydrometer & Test Jar (Optional)


At Bottling:

  • Auto Siphon, Hose, Clamp, Bottle filler
  • Bottles: 12 oz. or 22 oz. Amber beer bottles
  • Caps & Capper

Recommended Equipment Kits:

  • Basic Cider Equipment Kit
  • Complete Cider Equipment Kit
  • Ultimate Cider Equipment Kit
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