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Sparkolloid Powder 1/2 oz.

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Sparkolloid®: Fining agent containing diatomaceous earth and alginates (dried egg whites. Used primarily for red wines. Sparkolloid is a very useful clarifying agent if it is properly used. Use 1 teaspoon of powder per gallon if the wine is hazy. Double the amount if the Wine is Cloudy. The powder is added to 1 cup of water and boiled for 30-45 minutes with frequent stirring. As the volume boils down, more water must be added back to the original amount. A double boiler makes the task easier but it takes at least the full 45 minutes of boiling time. A quicker way to prepare Sparkolloid is to boil it in a ¼ cup of water (per gallon) for ten minutes in a microwave oven. In any case it is important to adhere to the long boiling time. While still hot, add it carefully to the wine, using a funnel and stir. In about three days it should begin to clear at the top and slowly settle to the bottom. The sediment is somewhat mobile and tends to settle into the bottom edges of the carboy. If that happens, carefully rock the carboy gently. This will help to settle the sediment into a more manageable thickness.

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