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The Purple Foot Basic Fermentation Kit

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The Purple Foot Basic Fermentation Kit can be used to make wine from concentrates or kits* or beer. Includes: 7.9 Gallon Food Grade Plastic Primary Fermenter; 5 Gallon Glass Carboy, Air Lock & Rubber Bung; Racking Cane, 5’ Siphon Hose, Clamp Carboy Brush, Hydrometer & Test Jar, Liquid Crystal Thermometer; 1 Winemaking book & 1 Beer Making Book; Wine & Beer Log sheets & Information 2 oz. Sodium Metabisulfite sanitizer for winemaking, 2 oz. One Step sanitizer for beermaking *Note: When making wine from 6 Gallon Kits you will need a 1 Gallon Jug for the extra gallon when you transfer from the primary to the secondary. The extra gallon can be used as "topping solution" during the process.

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