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Acid Christmas

I have been a Purple Foot customer about 5 yrs.

2 yrs ago my wife bought me an acid tester from the Foot for Christmas. I never got around to using it until I had a fermentation problem I thought could be related to acid levels. I used the tester 4 times, producing no reading. I called the Foot & explained to Karen my situation. She took the time to walk me through the entire process over the telephone & said if I had anymore problems to call again.  I tried again, still with no readings.
I called back, & she told me to bring the tester, & a wine sample in to the store.

She tested my sample with the store's & my acid tester, producing identical readings. It turned out that I had not been inserting the syringe all the way into the test tubes’ stopper.

I always get excellent service at the Purple Foot. I have used other winemaking suppliers in the past, but now exclusively deal with the Purple Foot.

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